All camps will be held at LAKE FOREST TRAINING FACILITY.

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I was so happy and pleased we attended the camp! Coach Barron and his Staff were incredible all week. Specifically, their attention to detail in EVERY drill was outstanding. Furthermore, their instruction and more importantly their CORRECTION WHEN NEEDED was the best I have seen in SoCal.

For example, my son learned how to properly execute a snap shot with his elbow up, head up, and follow through. He was so excited after camp every day, and after our hour and half drive home he practiced in our garage on his net! Also, I asked Coach Barron on Monday if he could keep an eye on Tommy throughout the week and give him an assessment at the end of camp. On the last day, Coach Barron sought me out and said he had some advice for Tommy. When Tommy approached myself and Coach Barron he was somewhat apprehensive and afraid of what he might hear. Coach Barron said, “Tommy, I was aware of the competition in your group this week, I need you to have confidence in yourself and you need to stick out your chest and be confident that you can play with those kids. Also, I need you to continue to work on your shot and your speed with your skating.” Furthermore, Coach Barron said, “If you do these things you will meet your goals for the upcoming season.”

I can’t tell you how much Tommy appreciated those words from Coach Barron and he had a big smile on his face the entire ride home to Temecula!!

Thank you very much Coach Barron for your time and attention with my son Tommy. You took an interest in my son and I will never forget. We will definitely be back next summer!
— Tommy's Dad


All sessions will have a strategic plan to allow players to grow and be challenged as the week progresses. Starting from individual skill acquisition to team concept/problem solving we layer all sessions to allow players to grow and succeed. Read more.



Relocating to Lake Forest Training Facility, has allowed us to utilize Compete Sports Performance with Chris Phillips and team. Off ice training takes place on site and educates the players on age appropriate and athlete specific strength and conditioning.



We offer the addition of a hot lunch program to our Main Camps. We have used the same company for the past 10+ years, and they are requested by popular demand each year. Lunch includes a pasta with meat*, salad and a breadstick.

*Special dietary requests can be made.

My son, Kenneth started ice hockey at PeeWee, so he had a lot to catch up in order for him to play with his friends who had been playing in travel teams since they were mini Mites. Thus, my wife and I put him every hockey camp he could possibly go every summer past years. Some are good camps and some are disappointing camps as far as the quality of camps.

As he became Midget age, we realized there aren’t any hockey camps for Midget in San Diego area. So, I started looking for a hockey camp out side of San Diego area, but at first I could not find one. I thought taking him to a camp in East coast or Midwest area, but the cost was too high for us. I continue searching a camp in California and accidentally found “Barron Hockey Camp.” My son and I watched the YouTube video of the camp. It seemed to be a good quality camp, so I signed him up.

To be our pleasant surprise, Barron Hockey Camp was above beyond our expectations!!

My son loved the intensity & skill level of the camp. He liked every drill because they were creative and the coaches explained the meaning of each drill. Every drill was demanding for him. He had to push much harder than he was used, however, at the end of each day, my son told me excitingly how much he had learned. I never seem him so excited at the end of a camp before.

I was not only impressed by the quality of the coaches and their passion to teach, I was also impressed by “Players/Coaches” ratio. Even though there were many participants at the camp, my son felt he got a lot of personal attention and many on point advices from the coaches. Now he knows clearly what he needs to improve and how to do so.

Our only regret is that we didn’t start coming to Barron Hockey Camp many years ago.
— Kenneth's Dad