What do on ice sessions cover at camp?


on-ice development

At Barron Hockey we will not over coach. Audible cues will be tough and quickly learned from players. This way we do not have to stop drills/concepts but give them cues that they have become familiar with and make the necessary adjustments as drills are still going on.  This way players get the necessary reps in to learn and master a technique.

Instructor ratio is one of the highest you will see at similar camps. Our instructors are attentive to all skill details that are being taught, correcting as needed with a positive attitude and constructive criticism. As our instructors get to know the players at the first session, players will be separated by individual skills sets and not by age.

Morning sessions


  • Learning  proper posture and foundation

  • The 2 F’s to promote acceleration

  • Mastering the 4 key areas of compression through turns and transitions

  • Proper and efficient stroking

  • Trusting edges to eliminate flat footed skating

Puck control:

  • Stick handling - Learning the fundamentals of how to have the most success while players have  control of the puck

  • Learning the importance of hand positioning

  • Learning how to protect the puck, under coverage


  • Learning the fundamentals on how to to give and receive a pass

  • Hand and body positioning when giving and receiving a pass - both stationary and in motion

  • To identify where and when to pass


  • Proper set up and execution. Connecting all the dots from hand position, puck position, body position, weight transfer and follow through

  • Understanding the difference between inside and outside legs and when you would use each concept

  • Working on pop shot, pull and release across the grain and backhand

AFTERNOON sessions

Game Concepts:

Allowing players to put it all together. The freedom of allowing players to think and be creative while simply playing hockey. Understanding and helping players to problem solve and find solutions.

1 vs1’s, 2 vs 2, 2 vs 2 activation two pass 3 vs 3 and other situations to master quick cognitive decision making, creating hockey sense and intuition.

This list of games goes on with basic rules that players need to follow.