Looking to improve your skating abilities?

A 30-minute session will expose a player’s deficiencies through a series of unique drills, covering multiple areas.



Need help with your shot?

The 50′ x 25′ shooting rink enables players the ability to concentrate on isolating different shooting techniques.  



Are you maximizing your stride?

Our goal is to promote a longer, more powerful stride and enhance foot speed and stride length.

Sold out - year after year


Barron Hockey’s camps have built a reputation of having one of the most intense and demanding on ice instruction. The knowledgeable staff, instructors and incredible on ice management come together to create one of the best camps in Southern California.



I LOVED the program and, most importantly, my boys loved the program. The coaches are all very knowledgeable about hockey and drills that help to improve the kids’ skills. On top of this, they know how to teach it to the children. This is important to me. I have gone to other places with wonderfully skilled coaches, but unfortunately, everything is lost in translation i.e. too much yelling, not enough fun. Great job! P.S. Dryland training is awesome! The kids LOVED the games!
Craig thoroughly enjoyed the camp and believes he has improved his hockey skills. He was excited to start the camp and excited at the end as well. One of the first things he did on returning home to Victoria BC was to show his Father the drills he learned at camp.
We were impressed with how well organized the program was even with the large number of participants. There did not seem to be a wasted moment. Craig was certainly tired at the end of each day but ready to go the next morning. That’s proof of a good program.